Plan of My Own

International superstar Deeyah is featured in this seductive music video for the song “Plan of My Own,” that spurred a wave of controversy in the Muslim community after its release. All controversy aside, Deeyah’s sensuality is captured through brilliant choreography provided by Block South, and while this video shows Deeyah’s sultry side, it also presents her as a strong and intelligent Muslim woman.



Say 2 Her

Big bank ... big rims ... big trucks! This video has all the essentials of any self respecting hip hop joint in the dirty south. A bootylicious video done for a less than bootleg price tag, when you want it raunchy it don’t get much better than this!


Sprout / PlaySkool

Believe in PLAY

Nothing quite says 70’s like super 8 cameras, polyester shirts, and afros. This clip for PlaySkool presents contemporary family life with a nostalgic touch. Everyone can relate to building forts, no matter what decade you grew up in. Come on, I know you have ... just admit it, already.




Tide shows what would happen if you just couldn’t drag yourself out of bed one morning. Waking up is overrated anyway. It’s amazing what you can accomplish when an animal trainer is hired to work with three roostes for several weeks.




Are you tough enough to step into the squared circle with TNA superstar Jeff Jarrett? The visceral, in-ring, action was non-stop. We used a WWII aviation gun camera to capture Jeff's drop kick and ran the film through a skip bleach process to complete the look. Big thanks to Jeff and his opponent for 8 hours of continuous stunt work.


The Weather Channel

Evening Edition

This promo seamlessly incorporates time lapse effects with organic effects to convey the immediacy and directness of the Weather Channel’s coverage. Every shot presented incorporates at least four plates with creative precision.




Lousiana rap artist, Boosie, seems to have it all in this video for the single “Zoom, ”featuring the always stylish, Yung Joc. Filmed across the way from Anne’s Snack Bar, home of the world renowned Ghetto Burger, this video is chromed out and lookin’ fly. And guess what kids, if you’re at least ten, then you’re old enough to ride with Boosie’s crew. Isn’t that just bangin’?


Mark Schultz

Everything to Me

Inspired by his own personal story of adoption, Mark Shultz’s, “Everything to Me” is a truly heart wrenching video. Mark’s emotional lyrics are strengthened by a captivating visual narrative that tells a story of its own. Though, the artist felt the final cut of the video was too raw for his fan base, the director stands behind his original creative vision.


Marc Dobiecki

Time Lapse

Time lapse photography has been a lifelong passion of Marc’s and that passion clearly comes through in this clip. Inspired by the work of Ron Fricke, this series of time lapse moments, taken from around the globe, showcases the majesty of time lapse cinematography and creates a truly immersive visual experience. Some highlights include a television factory in Vietnam, Mesjid Istiqlal Mosque, Nigerian Capital and St. Basil's Cathedral in Moscow.


Marc Dobiecki


A collection of stunning and original underwater footage, this clip shows the reason Marc Dobiecki got into the film business in the first place. Raised on a steady diet of underwater shows like Ron & Val Taylor’s Innerspace, Seahunt, and Jacques-Yves Cousteau, Marc had his sights set on the underwater world from childhood. Life under the sea is captured in this footage with vibrancy and clarity.



Tour Opening

Featuring Grammy Award winning artist, Usher, this diddy was used as the show opener for his Truth Tour. The Ultimate Entertainer appears in good form in this stylish video. When you’re given Usher dollars it’s not hard to make everything look this damn good.